Land Rover D100
page under construction
The beginning of the D100 is this 1972
Series IIII.
This is the D100 owner's old D90.  All
the upgrades from this D90 were
removed and returned to stock.  The
upgrades were then used on the D100.
Once we started the project we found
a deal on a 100" Land Rover project
with a 300 tdi engine.
Here is the Land Rover 300 tdi engine
as it arrived from the east coast in the
back of my Land Rover 101 radiobody.
Once we had the 100 project in our
hands it was clear we had a lot of work
to do.  Here you can see the poor work
one of the previous owners had done
attempting to weld on the bulkhead
For the rear half of the body we
started with a 2-door D110 tub we
picked up from Rovers North.
New engine mounts for a 300tdi are
welded in place.
Mocking the bulkhead into place.  this
was done quite a few times!
The front of the tub is sectioned for the
new 100" wheelbase.
Custom mounts are fabricated for the
heim jointed rear suspension links.
The final mocking of the body before it
is removed for paint.
A view from the side with Michelin
8.25r16 tires on reversed Wolf rims.  
These rims were later sold in favor of
some NAS D110 wheels.
Custom shock mount were fabricated
for the 12" travel Bilstein 7100 shocks
Also the 300tdi engine going into
Custom brackets were made up to
located the Allard inner cooler and A/C
Mounting brackets in place.  Special
care was taken to minimize the amount
the grill would have to be pushed
forward to clear all the components.
End result the grill had to be moved
forward just over 1".
Another view with the components in
A Defender style dash upgraded from
the ragged series dash.