Jeep Scrambler Rollcage
Here is the Scrambler as it came into
the shop with the fiberglass top
removed.  The owner wanted to add
some more protection for passengers
in the rear seats as well as some
additional bracing to the front existing
The starting point of the cage was a
donor from a Jeep CJ-7
Here is the newly fabricated rear
section of the cage.  The added tubing
is all 2" .120 wall HREW tubing. Also
added a mount for a hi-Lift
Another view showing the additional
diagonal support on the B pillar as well
as the spreaders along the footings of
the A and B pillars.
with paint.
Frame mount at B pillar.  A bushing is
used at the 6 frame mounts to allow
some give to help prevent cracking of
the frame or body.
Frame mount at A pillar.
Another view of frame mount at A pillar.
Still access to the rear seat with
diagonal support in place.
Cage installed with fiberglass top back
in place.
1/4" plate with 1/2" grade 8 bolts
sandwich the body.  Peg at the base of
the Hi-Lift jack keeps it in place.
Top of Hi-Lift mount is secured with a
"T'  bolt.