Land Rover D110 Hi-Cap Pickup
Project begins!
Rover Hybrids is  transforming a NAS D90 into a D110 Hi-Capacity Pickup.  The step by
step build up of this project is documented here.
Stage 1
lengthen the frame:
Extend wheelbase to 110"
Fabricate mounts for the bobbed hi-cap bed
custom axles:
Custom Ford 9" front and rear axle housings with true hi-9 3rd members
custom link suspension:
Double triangulated 4 link rear suspension
better off road performance and on road handling.
The starting platform is a well
built NAS D90.  This is the
last time that it will look like
The disassembly process
Now that the frame rails are
exposed the lengthening of
the frame and redesigning of
the rear suspension can
Getting the frame mounted
on the table jig.
Leveling out the frame onto
the leveled table.
Welded in a temporary
crossmember to help keep
the frame square while
Once the frame is leveled a
bracket is welded to the table
to hold it in place.
The previous heim jointed
rear link mounts have to be
removed from the frame.
The chop!
New sections are made up
the lengthen the frame into a
Sides of the frame are
completely smoothed out for
the future plating.
Outriggers for the back of the
cab are moved back into
position.  A tube through the
center is used to help keep
everything in line.
Mock-up side view.   Hmm
seems to be a bit long.
The top of the frame is
plated.  Plug welds are done
to reinforce the area for the
new cross member.
The new cross member
partially welded into place.  
This is the foundation of the
Roll Cage and the rear
A new Roll Cage is built
around the cab.  The original
Safty Devices front hoop is
The rear of the cage has
triangulated bracing for
maximum strength.
More tube over the roof to
help support the A-pillar.
Gussets added to the B-pillar.
The pickup cab roof is still
For a better departure angle
some of the bed has to go.
Here's a look at how the
truck will look when finished.  
The bed is bobbed 12" to
make it the exact same
length as a D130 hi-cao bed.
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